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Understanding the Google SandBox

google-sandboxOne of the hottest topics in the world of SEO remains the Google Sandbox. The Google Sandbox has taken on a very mysterious and dreaded form in the eyes of many webmasters. It’s therefore extremely important to understand everything you can about the it, why your site could end up there and how you can then work on digging yourself out.

What Triggers the Google Sandbox?

In most cases, the Google Sandbox is used for brand new blogs or websites. A new site that is launched and then very quickly puts out a lot of content and many different pages or posts, for example, could then end up in the Sandbox. This is because it’s actually a SPAM prevention mechanism or filter. A new site with an immediate load of information could be viewed as SPAM.

Therefore you are placed to the side of the index in a way until it’s proven that your site is worthwhile and is not SPAM. Not all new sites get placed into this category however. Much is still unknown about the specific triggers, and much of it may have to do with what else is going on around the web at the time your site was released.

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