How to Escape Content Creation Rut

In this post you’ll learn how to always produce good content that will guarantee poll positions for your webpages on Google SERPs.

Once you’ve read this guide, content creation will stop being a daunting task that must immediately be outsourced.

We are going to cover:

1. Where to find inspiration in moments when your creativity spring had dried out;

2. Tools at your dispossal for procuring keywords right from the Google’s backyard;

3. Easy to implement content creation tips with high SEO profitability.

1.Where to find inspiration to keep on writing good, updated content

I’ll start by writing a fundamental truth you should never forget: There is ALWAYS something to write about.

Even when you feel your creativity is a barren wasteland there are tons of topics to write about. The trick is to look in the right place.

I’m going to point out some ever-green, generic sources of inspiration you can exploit in order to always have content that places itself in reader’s way:

Google Alerts. This is by far the easiest way to get new updates in your niche market you can elaborate around, thus creating extremely up-to-date content. All you need to do is open a Google account, if you don’t already have one, type in your interests and set up the schedule by which Google will deliver the newly released content. With this instrument, information is at your fingertip.

Blogs. Subscribe to RSS FEEDs of prominent blogs in your niche and get the pulse of your market.

Press releases. This is an excelent way to stay on target with market dynamics. Basically all new stuff, whether is businesses opportunities, products, marketing systems, in order to get high exposure and prime time promotion, they need to have a wide Press Release campaign in place. Take advantage of this reality and be sure you become a RSS subscriber of all the major press release directories.

YouTube and Video Submission Sites, in general. When nothing seems to get you out of the creation blockage, just surf YouTube or other video sites to see what the most watched topics are.

I’m closing this section with a piece of warning: Don’t be blinded by your unwillingness to write and think there’s simply nothing new to write about in your niche market!

Also, be aware that there isn’t something new invented every day in your industry and that 90% of topics are just old ideas rewritten.

2. Google Keyword research toolS

Of course, there are at least a dozen keyword tools you can use for creating valuable, targeted content for SEO purposes. As a matter of fact I strongly suggest you use at least two different keyword tools, since they each have different algorithms for finding quality keywords.

But with this section I’ll limit the discussion to only Google Suggest and Google Keyword Tool.

Google Suggest. Although not a genuine keyword tool, Google Suggest has changed, in some degree, the way Google searches are conducted. You’ve probably noticed that when you input a keyword phrase into the Google search box, a list of suggested terms appears below it.

google suggest

What makes this tool powerful is that it is updated daily by Google, thus delivering the user updated keyword suggestions; when typing his query in the search bar, the searcher is offered other keyword alternatives that may address even better his intentions.

What should you do right now:

  • enter your primary keyword in Google search bar;
  • jot down the terms Google is suggesting;
  • create content pages for chosen keywords phrases, optimize them accordingly for maximum conversion;
  • make sure your new content pages are indexed by Google spiders;
  • repeat the steps above with your next top keyword group.
  • (rule of thumb: you should ad at least one content page per business day on highly relevant topics)

Google Keyword Tool. Make sure you conduct searches for exact match otherwise Google will deliver multiple variations of your keyword. For SEO purposes, you need only four columns: keyword, estimated search volumes, estimated search volumes trends, estimated average PCP.

Although not directly related to SEO, the Average PCP and Advertiser Competition Columns provide valuable information about the competition and the profitability a certain keyword has. I suggest you make note of these two columns, also.


When researching for keywords to build content, look for long tailed keywords, neglected by your competition and stop focusing on the big two-word keyword in your market.

3. Quick tips for creating content while thinking about SEO heights

> the actual content area is graded at a higher level then the content contained in the gutters; kepp this in mind when optimizing your pages.

> naturally incoporate your targeted keyword in the first 25 words of the content page; this tactic is beneficial both for SEO reasons and reader’s stickness with your page.

> pay proper attention to content tagging; this includes bolding, underlining and italicizing your keyword phrases in the body text. Don’t over do it! Use the Header tag (H1, H2…H6) for structuring your content. Idealy you’ll want to use one H1, H2 and H3. While multiple H2 and H3 are tolerated (limit them to two, max three), DON’T use more that one H1.

> reference your other content pages as a source of additional information; when linking to other pages throughout your website, use absolute links.

> insert “nut grafs” in your content. What is that? One or two introductory phrases that helps focuses the content, draws readers in, and lets them know what the content page is about.

> psst! your content is destined to be read by prospects, so check it for proper grammar and spelling errors.

Check out my 7-Step Content Creation Formula and find out what it takes to constantly produce rock solid content that ensures continuous growth for your SEO campaign.

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