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Ok, today I want to talk a little bit about this wonder instrument of Social Media called a blog. So, basically a blog is a easy to install and manage platform on which you advertise yourself or your business. It doesn’t matter really what you do with it, but one characteristic must transcend your blogging activity and that’s bringging value to the table; unconditioned value.

That pretty much covers the introductory to this post. (you’ve probably seen i’m not a big fan of introductory paragraphs…).

My intention today is remind or even bring to your attention The (inveterated) Formula which, will give your blog a solid start in Social Media enviroment and hopefuly make you a ton of fans.

Blogging Platform

So lets say you’re at the starting point. You’ve decided to launch your first blog. The first thing that comes to mind is what platform to use. You have two major alternatives, respectively and

WordPress comes with two options for instalment: either a hosted blog on servers or an purchased domain name hosted by a third party server where to install the freelance wordpress software from I suggest going totally independent since doesn’t tolerate advertising or pretty much any sort of marketing subjects directed to such and such products.

All the more so, if you happen to get in conflict with some of the rules they impose your blog is terminated and all of your work is gone in a sec without any notice. From this perspective is definately superiour to but, the shortage of graphics and features makes this platform kind of dull and not the best choice for professional blogging. Trust me, you want to be as professional as possible if you are to make a difference.

Blog Topic

Choosing the Topic of your blog. Another crucial turning point. You’ll want to relate it to your marketed business opportunity or product. In this way you build an advantage over time when approaching prospects by not just offering a decent pitch of your offer but providing unconditioned valuable content.

Content Schedule

Next, you’ll want to schedule content which will be posted on your blog. The wise thing to do is plan your posts in advance creating over time a buffer zone expanding to up to three months. Creating this publishing confort, so-to-speak, will grant you more time for conducting a thorough market reseach and discover what is your audience wants, which are the hot subjects of the time and thus creating an endless supply of content to be brought into discussion on your blog. Think like a TV producer when managing the content.

Typically you must post at a minimum once per week but for increased efficiency in building your asset in content go for minimum three post per week.

Daunting task to post three times a week? You have two options for this: One, you either change your feelings towards it and start writing, or two, you outsource the process, entirely or just to supplement your efforts. Great ghost writers to hire can be found on and

To kind of tie the shoes of this post, I urge you to stick with your content schedule, and don’t become lazy after writing the material for two weeks in advance.

If I missed something, my apologies and please let me know with a comment in the area below.

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