Get Better Results by Improving Your Sales Copy

Making your sales copy better so that you can make more sales isn’t something you can do overnight–it takes time. If you would like to make sure that you get a good return from your sales copy you need to make the right changes in the right places. In this article we will show you how to make the changes that will give you the best returns.Know Your Numbers: Before you can improve things and make more money you need to thoroughly understand the point from which you are beginning. This means that you need to understand your numbers (like the number of people who visit your site every month, how many sales you make per visitor, average conversion rate, etc) intimately. One of the first things that you can do, while things are still a little blurry, if you want them to get better, is to start measuring your numbers now. When you measure the results you are getting you should know that “unique visitors per month” is not the same thing as the number of hits your site gets. You also need to understand your conversion rate because, as you start to make your copy changes you’ll need to track where you were and whether or not you have improved any. It is important to know where you are starting from because that is how you know if any progress has been made.

Be Clear: When you work to make your copy better, you should know and be ready for the fact that any improvements also need to add to the clarity of the copy itself. It is important to make sure that your sales prospects have a clear understanding of what your product and service can offer them. You need to make sure that you understand exactly what your clients and buyers are looking for so that you can address that in your copy.

People need help getting out of things, answering questions and solving problems. When you address and focus on these kinds of results in your sales copy you will be able to provide clarity that prospective buyers need to actually make the purchase. In order to make this as easy as possible, you should write down what you’re feeling, hearing and seeing from your target audience so that you can make sure your copy addresses these things and proves that your product or service will help them. This will help you come up with ideas that you can implement right away.

Fear of Loss: “Fear of Loss” is a technique used by direct marketers to help get more sales in a shorter time period.

By making the prospects have the fear of loss, you’ll get your prospects to put a ‘self imposed’ deadline on their behavior, which will automatically get them to buy from you quickly. Nobody really likes to miss out on a good offer/deal, so adding a bit of scarcity to your copy or an element of urgency can definitely be used to polish your sales copy and make your offer even more irresistible to your prospects.

In conclusion, to get the best results possible from your sales copy make sure that you approach your improvements one by one and over a good amount of time.

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