Buying And Selling Internet Domain Names For Profit

If you are aiming to make money online, you are probably aware that it seems that everyday new ways are being introduced on how you can accomplish this. As a result of this it is very easy to overlook some of the more longstanding methods for profiting on the internet and one single area that continues to provide a way to make some quick cash is the buying and selling of domains. If you own domains and websites, these are virtual real estate which could be traded for a potentially nice profit. The reasons domain names might be profitable is a area of interest we can examine further.

If you are new to the domaining niche it is really worth pointing out that there are people involved that are professional domainers and so the varieties of names that made people millions were registered several years ago. The dot com extension is definitely the most valuable and the one word type of domains are long gone with regards to availability as they are for nearly all of the others such as dot net and dot org. If you can instruct yourself about this market, you can still generate healthy profits once you understand where the demand is.

The first type of domain we can take a look at are short domains and as a general guideline the shorter the name the more precious it can be. One of the top reasons these can be attractive to potential buyers is they may be seen as brandable specifically in these days of web 2.0 sites that have concise quirky names. Clearly, some will be more marketable than others and so you need to acquire a feel for what appears right. If you strive to get your own insights into what is currently being bought and sold, then your knowledge of the type of domain you want to acquire will allow you to spot the right opportunity.

A second type of domain is what is known as a search term name and if you have done any kind of keyword research you will recognize what this refers to. Exact searches for particular keywords is what we are interested in here and this is something you almost certainly already do with free or paid computer software online. If a certain phrase has a high exact keyword count and that specific domain is available it could be definitely worth registering. The highest priced sales will come from dot coms and as many of these are actually owned by others, you may need to select dot nets and dot orgs. As you become more competent, you will get an idea as to what niche markets are the most profitable as this will influence the price paid for domains.

A further area of expanding interest for domainers are extensions relating to particular international locations such as the UK and Germany. This is because these are still relatively untapped in comparison and so you might still find some really decent fresh registrations. The research you do is important and you need to educate yourself in regard to what sells and to who. DNForum, NamePros and Sedo are all websites that specialize in trading domains and so you should spend some time there.


Domain flipping can make you profit online as long as you commit some hours gaining the knowledge you need to trade successfully.


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