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With the latest Google updates it has became clearer for many internet marketers that spinning articles has stopped being such a reliable alternative to populating web properties whether these are money sites, web 2.0 sites, or article directories accounts.

Given the never ending need for unique quality content for backlinking purposes or direct conversions, it is imperative to work with so-called “fill-in-the-blank” article template programs to expedite the content creation process and keep up with competition. This is especially true for those just starting out in online marketing who can’t (yet) afford a monthly budget 100% dedicated to outsourcing the article creation process to specialized services or professional yet expensive writers. One answer may be provided by a quality article generator.

Luckily, Instant Article Factory seems to address this exact need, and the best thing about it is that through this platform you can write articles on topics you don’t know nothing about. Sckeptical? With all the hype rooming the internet marketing industry you’re perfectly entitled to a hefty dose of skepticism, but stick around and I’ll prove you this ISN’T the case!

Just take a look at the official demo video promoting Instant Article Factory.

If you decided to continue reading,  here’s some of the features that the software comes equipped with:

  • 17 quality built-in templates for tackling multiple approaches for the same subject line.
  • spinning platform with unlimited levels. Technology imported from the best article rewriter software on the market today – The Best Spinner;
  • option to create your own custom templates with the built-in Template Builder or import templates developed by other users (software is server hosted);
  • built-in templates are kept updated at all times to ensure unique content continues to be created despite a large user base

In other words, here’s how Instant Article Factory will Ease your content creation campaigns:

  1. Produce quality, coherent articles in approximately 5 minutes or less
  2. Saves you money — no need to hire professional writers for writing quality content.
  3. Remove writers block by leading you all the way through the article’s creation.

By now you’re probably wondering what’s the DOWNFALL of this awesome program. Well, the only one I could come up with is the price tag. It comes with a $7 day trial period followed by a yearly subscription of $77. But, if you take into account that in a years time you have churn out hundreds of money making articles and in all this time the developer Jonathan Ledger kept the software updated in the fast passed environment of internet marketing, $77 is a fair price for the value it provides.

After all, you have a 30 days Money Back Guarantee to see if Instant Article Factory does all that it’s supposed to do.

Before you order, be sure to watch the official demo video promoting Instant Article Factory.

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