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Assisting local business owners with their internet marketing is an expanding area amongst people with experience on the web. The reason of this is apparent if you give this some consideration. Earning money on the internet has been more challenging for some people than they actually expected. Then there is the demand for local business owners to promote more effectively on the internet. The capabilities you have might mean that you are in a position to meet the needs of this market. A web site that specializes in this field is Power 3 Marketing and if you join them they can educate you on how to build a business in this specific niche market.

The PotPieGirl (Jennifer Ledbetter) and David Bocock are the entrepreneurs who released Power 3 Marketing. The membership offers three entry levels with the very first one being free. The higher levels of membership is what you truly need for long term success but the first level can at the very least get you started with hometown businesses.

A one off fee is all that is necessary to become a gold member in return for a wealth of learning methods. There are a wide range of videos available for gold members and we are able to now examine the content of these that make up four modules of training.

Local search listings and how you can get high rankings is the topic of the first training module. This covers all of the stages in taking you up to developing websites after initially researching a market. Choosing a domain and a web host is all included to ensure that even if you are inexperienced you can see how to proceed.

WordPress is the choice for your sites and how to install these and then post content is taught here. The opportunity to lease out sites or make money from adverts is there once you achieve high search engine rankings for localized niches. Modules two and three go into the specific areas of pay per click campaigns and Google Places.

The area you are going to focus on is something you will want to give some consideration. To start seeing some returns you need to get in front of potential customers and this is not always properly explained. Module four is dedicated to this and ensures that you have everything at your disposal to begin your offline company.

This level of membership certainly gives you enough resources to start although there is the option to become a platinum member which involves a monthly fee.

The platinum level is available at outset or you could progress onto this when you feel you are ready. The material available in this membership area will greatly enhance your marketing efforts. Articles that have been written and are available for you to use is just one resource you can take advantage of.

Another benefit of the platinum membership is the forum for solving problems and assisting others.

This is a big resource and if you spend some hours inside Power 3 Marketing this will soon start to pay off. Local business owners need help and you will be taught by people who are successful in this market place.

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