Persuasive Content – Craft of Story Telling

For hundreds of years, stories have been used to persuade and captivate. Stories interest everybody without regard for age or culture. So that indicates they are extremely versatile and variable in application. There are several reasons as to why stories are so very effective. But in advertising and marketing, especially, you will get much further with a diligently composed story.

A large part of their effectiveness can be found buried deeply within the human mind and it touches on the subject of human nature. Selling is about human emotions simply because all buying decisions are based on emotions and not common sense.

If you have tried to produce your own sales copy, then you already intuitively know many of the challenges facing you. Just one large speed bump is the mistrust and complete skepticism held by all of your readers. The reasons of this resistance are many.

But think about the magic of a story weaved into an article, for example. If your story is well-crafted, you may draw the reader into it which happens to be half the battle. The story engages the reader’s emotions, letting them set aside their questions and suspicions. Readers form a more potent connection with a narrative than with any analytic argument.

You can include your unique facts and figures throughout the story you are telling. Using stories is much more interesting than making a analytic presentation of information. Logical presentations create resistance from the outset because their purpose is always to convince the reader. The guard goes up the moment the reader can feel pressure to buy. Nevertheless, a story can convey information covertly, as the reader enjoys the narrative. Because of this, using stories is a very powerful persuasion tool.

Look at an average Internet marketing website, for instance. They’re all concentrating on the traditional “features and benefits” formula that is standard. A story can communicate these same elements, but in a more skillful way. Defining your goal will certainly give you a start on your story. With a little creative thinking, a story will turn out. Your story ought to be well engineered, but written in a relaxed style.

Make a point of attempting this along with your next writing project. Deal with it as an experiment that not one person will ever see. There will not be any anxiety with this method. Be prepared for a wonderful surprise after you write because of this attitude. Great copywriters have known this magic formula for over a century.

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