Article Landing Page. Core Element for any Article Marketing Strategy

After composing your effective article, the next faze is chosing the Landing Page where your traffic is directed.

In Network Marketing there are four options to choose from and these are…

  • Review of a product
  • Presell a product
  • Product’s original salespage
  • Squeeze page

You could actually combine these four options by simultaneously targeting that initial sale and building a list. It’s entirely up to you. From my perspective, I would much rather bid on the specialization factor, namely either build a list or attempt to make an affiliate sale.

Ok, let’s dive in the four Landing Page options any internet marketer has at his disposal:

1. Review of a product

Typically, your readers won’t expect a product review for a link, unless one of your main targeted keywords in the article is a product name. When make a review the best strategy is be impartial. Advertise the qualities and benefits of your product for sell and also point out the drawbacks it carries. When making reviews, the last thing you want to be perceived as is a salesperson. I suggest sticking with one product to review per article.

2. Presell a product

Presell pages can also be review pages but this isn’t always the case. You basically need to write a short mini-salesletter and condition your prospects to want to buy even before reaching the product’s homepage. The difference from a typical salesletter is that the last one is structured around psychological hooks and triggers to determine the prospect in buying. However, your focus with a presell page is persuading people that buying your product is a good idea, and the best way to do that is offering a bonus.

3. Product’s original salespage

When lacking the skills or the finances for building an effective landing page, the only choice available is using the product’s original homepage. The biggest disadvantage with the product’s homepage is that your prospects, reguardless if they buy or not, aren’t included into a sales funnel for future follow up. In most cases the only winner out of using the homepage as a landing page is the product’s author who is building his list with the prospects you bring in.

When it comes to inserting an affiliate link to the resource box, you’ll have to consult the terms of service for each article directory you intend to submit your articles in. For example, GoArticles accepts using affiliate links, whereas EzineArticles accepts only redirects from the top level of your domain.

4. Squeeze page

If you were to ask me this is the way to go with your landing page. Network Marketing has two courses that the marketer can follow, and these are:

  • drive traffic->make a sale-> repeat the process, or
  • drive traffic->build list->develop a relationship with that list->make long term profits. Stick with this!

Have your own goodies you care to add? Please leave them in a comment.

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