How to write Magnetic Article Headlines

The article’s title is the most important part of the entire content when submiting it on the web. You well know that if the title is intriguing, chances are you stick with the article and go throught it, or at least, a big portion of it. If the title is vague and uninteresting you’ll probably, in best scenario, just scroll down to the price tag or worse – directly press the back button of your browser and continue searching.

Conclusion: Compose a good title for your content if you intend on driving consistent traffic to your site using article marketing.

What to consider when writing Headlines?

Your title must always contain your main keyword phrase. If the page is well optimized your content should appear on the SERP even without your keyword in the title but having it there is a proof that your article contains related information to that keyword. Ideally, you’ll want to use more than one targeted keyword in your title. Long tail keywords, even if they have poor search volumes, they record high conversion rates.

Here’s an example of how a proper title show sound:

“Cheap Gardening Tools – Grab your necesary tools for gardening”

(also you’ll want to grab reader’s attention with your title, not just make it purely informative.)

Here’s a not so good title:

“Wait! Check out this awesome kit for working your garden with”

Here’s one OK title:

“3 indispensable gardening tools for working your garden”

Finally, here is a pretty good title:

“The Secret to proper gardening – 3 indispensable gardening tools you must use with your plants”

Those are just examples to show you the inner structure of a good headline or title. Examining the last one, you’ll see that it has the keyword phrase “gardening tools”, the keyword “gardening” (that is tightly associated with the first term), the magic word “secret” and the incentive “must”. It could get better still, by including some other so-called magic words like: how to…, secret(s), discover, revealed, easy, (quick) steps, finally…, killer, deadly, mistake(s), tips, essential(s), exposed, (simple) strategy.

A good strategy is using numbers associated with keywords and keyword phrases, e.g. – 5 tips, 7 deadly mistakes, 3-step strategy.

When writing  “How to…” titles, make sure to insert a specific benefit the reader would enjoy after reading your article. It’s not sufficient to insert a general benefit like “How to… have a beautiful garden”, rather you’ll want to write a more concrete one, like “How to substantially… improve your garden appearence in only 10 days”.

Treat every headline you write as if it where an Google Adwords Ad

Here are some quick notes concerning the psychology that goes behind composing a headline:

  • People don’t like doing things the hard way.
  • People don’t like learning things. People seek on learning how to do something than actually doing it. (fine border between the two statements).
  • People like shortcuts, better know as tips.
  • People like discovering new things.

Feel free to leave comment and le us know your personal approach to article titles.

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