Bringing Article Marketing in Forums – Part 2

[STEP 3]: Uncover community forums inside your targeted niche.

The next action is to locate forum platforms regarding your niche.

The simplest way would be to go to Google and do a search for your market’s primary keyword/keyphrase followed by the term “forum”, “message board”, “discussion board” or “community board”.

You’ll surely find community forums that are rather inactive and forgotten by their webmasters. Use them to post articles (where allowed) just for SEO purposes. Once these are exploited, dedicate most of your energy and interest on actively marketing your offer on crowded forums with no shortage of active members or threads.

[STEP 4]: Start being in front of people… and then upgrade to what is known as a niche expert.

A forum is a social environment. And like social environments in the physical world, every networking scenario is governed by it’s particular lot of unwritten regulations and means of communicating.

Just as you wouldn’t speak loudly during a religious ceremony, you don’t want to damage your standing on these discussion boards by acting wrongly.

Here’s how your initial steps should flow…

• Enroll as a member once you first discover the forum. You might not begin contributing right away, and that’s fine. The thing is that you want to start out “aging” your membership as soon as possible. The longer you have been a fellow member, the greater the respect you’ll enjoy in the forum’s community.

• Lie in wait in the beginning. To put it differently, browse and read forum each and every day… however do not hop into any interactions. Investigate present threads. Browse the archives. Acquire a sense for the “flavor” of the forum as a whole, the quality of its most active members and how they interact.

The moment you’ve formed a clear picture of how the forum functions, you can actively dive in… considerately. You may reply to questions and personal concerns, by composing rapid responses or copying in your previous articles. Even so, only publish articles ONLY IF you’re certain  no one becomes aware that you scraped your reply (at a certain scale) from preexisting articles.

Tip: Remember to include keywords and phrases within the title of your post! Still don’t let this prerequisite affect your copywriting priorities – namely making your article attention grabbing.

Precisely what should you post as your first intervention?

You may submit a brief intro. You may post a few considerate responses to narrow queries, and then make room for an introduction. As a general rule of thumb somebody who “breaks” into a forum using a large initial post puts off quite a few members. The reason is because this type of behavior is generally attributed to spammers that hit the forum with a long, article-like post and never come back.

One more thing you must keep away from is to post a pile of replies and threads in a single day. It might seem like the right thing to do. After all you want to build a standing for yourself. That’s great – however your eagerness makes you look, again, like a cheap spammer. Thus, webmasters, forum moderators and the average forum member will consider your intentions at least dubious for awhile.

It could take quite a long time to undo an inadequate initial impact – therefore ensure your first external perception is convenient.

Once again, simply hanging out for some time provides you with a sense of what functions and what doesn’t on any forum community. Bear in mind, the true secret to article marketing on forums is developing a healthy standing in the those communities.

[STEP 5]: Commence posting thoughtfully and diligently.

Construct your popularity in the “neighborhood” by submitting innovative, helpful responses to questions and concerns.

Do not pull awareness of yourself. Keep a low profile, and prove to moderators and the community as a whole that you’re serious in becoming a member willing to share his knowledge in a totally disinterested manner.

You really should steer clear of publishing a signature line – or any links for that matter – when you initially begin posting. Devote one or two weeks consolidating your track record of being a professional within your specialized niche, without any self promotional acts. Just concentrate on giving competent solutions and answers.

So why should you ?

Simply because moderators and webmasters are typically suspicious with regards to any newcomer’s intentions and motives for joining. Lots of new members enroll on forums daily. But a large percentage of them are plainly interested in only making a quick buck and getting away with a backlink or two.

Indeed, to some degree every person participating in a forum reaps some sort of benefit out of their presence there. But with most forums you’ll realize that building a standing as being a pro and excellent contributor initially, allows you to put together your status in the community more rapidly. Which of course means that, down the road, you can take full advantage of rewards accessible only to veteran, established members, which include even publishing promotional threads once in a while.

As soon as you have crafted a strong reputation on your preferred forum, then… (go to the third part to find out more)

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