My personal favorite – Google Adwords

This post is all about advertising Google Adwords as the best method of generating leads and sells in internet marketing.

There are three points I want to touch with this post:

1) Why is Google Adwords The Way to Go when selling online.

2) How to make Google Adwords work for you.

3) What’s the big secret to success with Google Adwords.

1) When it comes to selling online the most valuable commodity that any internet marketer wants and desperatly searches for is targeted traffic. We all know that there are tens of methods of generating quality traffic to our offers but non of them guarantees conversion rates like adwords does. Why?

because while using these other great methods for generating traffic you could get pretty close to the qualified visitors and leads that you’re searching for, but with Google Adwords it’s the other way around - the prospects get close to you and your offer, they seek you to find out about your solution for their problem, and this is as qualified as you can get.

2) Google Adwords can be the supreme substitute to any other traffic generation method. But in order to focus on this single yet extremely powerful method you have to know your way with it. Big time. As a matter of fact, it’s not that’s difficult to work with it, it’s just that it takes a lot of work to proper use it. But, there is a great “other side” to this fact. Your advantage is that there are a lot of internet marketers which aren’t willing to take the time and deploy the necessary work to get the next level of success. In essence, the work something takes the easier for you to reap the benefits because along the way you’ll lose most of the competition which isn’t  willing to do the work required for excelency.

3) The big Secret with Google Adwords is that Google values Relevance with the search results  they provide their clients with. So when building your adwords campaign you’ll want to go three for three and  that is: relevance with your keywords, with your ad, with your landing page. When you get this right you’ll have higher click-thru-rates, consequently lower pay-per-clicks, bigger the conversion rate on your landing pages and finally big money pooring in.

If you have other “pro adwords” s aspects that you want to share with the community, please fill them in the comment area below.

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