“Last-Minute” Adjustments for Google Adwords Campaign

Before jumping into your adwords campaign you must clarify some aspects concerning the market you’re targeting

What you’ll read below are some logical steps that must be taken to prevent scratching your head with wonder after the first ten minutes from your arrival to Google Adwords.  Here there are:

1. Get inside your potential customer’s intentions and needs. What would they type in the search box in order to find a relevant answer to their problem and your product delivers? Put the results in a list.

2. Next, go to your browser search bar an type in all your findings. You will focus on extracting the following information: what’s showing up, what are the trends for the keyword inserted ? How many ads are showing up on the top and right side of the search results page? If the number is lower than eight, you can buy an ad spot for less that 10 cents.

If the results spread on 2- … pages you can bet you’ve landed on a highly competitive market. The ideal scenario for you should contain two to eight ads  because if those are the results with these kind-of-abvious words, you most definitely will be able to extract the juice from other bargain or variation keywords.

After completing the process with Google a wise thing to do is query your keyword list with Overture.  Consult the Invertory.Overture and find out the volume of searches done for those words in the last 30 days and what other variations were typed in. You don’t necesarily have to use Overture advertising; use it simply for informative purposes; it’s good but it doesn’t beat old Google Adwords. Don’t forget: use as many keyword tools as possible.

3. Once you’ve compiled a list of 100-300 keywords divide it into clusters of 5-25 closely related terms. Each cluster will be assigned to a specific adwords ad, so get to work and write some copy. These are the specifications: 25 characters for the header, 35 for the next two lines and an URL space. Decide what landing page to use, find a tracking program for monitoring each campaign (crucial) and …that’s it… for now.

Found it useful?, or not? Let me know with a comment in the area below.

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