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How 99% of Network Marketers Are Using Social Media

Network Marketers have understood early on the viral power of Social Media and the potential it carries in driving traffic to their online sales letters.

The one thing though, that an overwhelming 99% of online marketers didn’t undestand is that Social Media is not a free advertising billboard where they could constantly pitch their business opportunity and products.

This approach is very unproductive and could even damage reputations.

Social Media is about building relationships, allowing other people to know you and your products, building your brand and making available quality content that you publish on the internet. Of course, having a valuable contribution for the community will eventually get you the traffic and exposure your business needs in order to grow.

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Become a Certified Blogger by the end of Today

Ok, today I want to talk a little bit about this wonder instrument of Social Media called a blog. So, basically a blog is a easy to install and manage platform on which you advertise yourself or your business. It doesn’t matter really what you do with it, but one characteristic must transcend your blogging activity and that’s bringging value to the table; unconditioned value.

That pretty much covers the introductory to this post. (you’ve probably seen i’m not a big fan of introductory paragraphs…).

My intention today is remind or even bring to your attention The (inveterated) Formula which, will give your blog a solid start in Social Media enviroment and hopefuly make you a ton of fans.

Blogging Platform

So lets say you’re at the starting point. You’ve decided to launch your first blog. The first thing that comes to mind is what platform to use. You have two major alternatives, respectively WordPress.com and Blogger.com.
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