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How to Effectively Start-up Your Marketing Blog

When designing a marketing blog, I prefer adopting a simplistic strategy targeted towards a single objective – Make my prospects take the desired action.

This can be summed up in the form of subscribing to your RSS feed, or fill in an opt-in form and get onto your mailing list. Sounds familliar? It should because it’s the same strategy I’ve employed with my blog.
I prefer an opt-in form, but the RSS feed option is still as effective. I’ve chosen the mailing list as the primary subscribtion method because RSS feed are not read as much as emails are.

The last thing that you want to do with your prospect is  confuse him with a ton of options to choose from. You know what’s the outcome of this, right? He leaves. Confused people do anything.

How can you implement a simplified prospecting system on your blog?

The starting point is choosing a simple yet effective theme. The best choice available on the market today are Thesis Theme and Frugal Theme. Between these two I prefer Thesis.

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